Border Terrier Club of America 2023 National Specialty

June 10 – June 16, 2023

All events and activities will be held at
Purina Farms, 500 William Danforth Way
Gray Summit, MO 63039

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Dedicated to the memory of Nancy Hughes of Trails End Borders.

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2023 Specialty Events

Welcome to the 2023 BTCA National Specialty.   This year we will offer all the traditional events, but thanks to the hard work of our volunteers and Purina Farms’ exceptional facilities, some exciting new activities will also be available to those who would like to try them.  For the first time, NASDA (North American Sport Dog Association), a very popular West Coast event,  will be offered as both a seminar and a competition. NADD (North American Diving Dogs) will offer a trial for the experienced dogs and “try it”  swims for those who would like to expose their dogs to the pool. People and dogs can also enjoy the popular favorites: Scentwork, Barn Hunt, FCAT, Agility, Obedience/Rally, and Earthdog. We will again offer the Total Dog Competition to exhibitors who enjoy participating in multiple performance events. Please read more about these events on the specialty website.

 It is important to realize that these events are available to those who enjoy them and choose to enter. It is not the specialty committee’s intention that all dogs enter any or all of these venues.  They are being offered so participants can pick and choose. People should enter selectively, keeping in mind their dogs’ energy levels, talents, and interests. For those who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, meeting with friends, shopping, or grabbing a nice lunch and a chat, Purina Farms and the surrounding area offer all of that and more.  We are trying our best to address the needs of all who attend the 2023 BTCA National Specialty.

Kathy Henning and Laurale Stern, 2023 BTCA National Specialty Co-Chairs


Final Schedule of Events with Start Times

May 31, 2023|

BTCA 2023 National Specialty Schedule of Events

To download a copy of the Schedule of Events in printable format, please click here.

Saturday, June 10
Board Meeting 8:00 am Large Conference Room

Sunday, June 11
Earthdog 8:00 am Go to Ground Dens
Barn Hunt 8:00 am Main Show Field Tent 2
FCAT 1st Block Field Inspections 7:30 am Working Dog/Flying Disc Comp. Field
FCAT Trials 1 & 2 8:00 am Working Dog/Flying Disc Comp. Field
Agility Run Thrus 5:00 pm The Great Hall

Monday, June 12
Agility 8:00 am The Great Hall
FCAT 1st Block Field Inspections 7:30 am Working Dog/Flying Disc Comp. Field
FCAT Trials 3 & 4 8:00 am Working Dog/ Flying Disc Comp Field
Scentwork 8:00 am Main Show Field Tent 2 (Exteriors), Service Center (Interiors)
CGC/CGCA Trick Dog 8:00 am Gateway Hall
Therapy Dog Testing 8:00 am Gateway Hall
Juniors Seminar/Party 4:00 pm TBA
Welcome Party 6:00 pm Founders Room
Ob/Rally Run Thrus 7:30 pm The Great Hall

Tuesday, June 13
Rally 8:30 am The Great Hall
Obedience 10:00 am The Great Hall
NASDA Clinic 8:00 am Go to Ground Dens
NASDA Trial 9:30 am Go to Ground Dens
Health Clinics 12:30 pm Service Center
NADD Splashes 8:00 am Portable Diving Pool
NADD Hydrodash 12:00 pm Portable Diving Pool
Open Swim (until 6 pm) Follows Portable Diving Pool
Total Dog Challenge 5:00 pm The Great Hall
Parade of Honor Follows The Great Hall

Wednesday, June 14
Junior Showmanship 8:00 am The Great Hall
Sweepstakes Follows The Great Hall
BES Seminar One hour after Sweeps The Great Hall
Cash Bar/Silent Auction 5:30 pm Founders Room
AGM 6:00 pm Founders Room
Banquet 7:00 pm Founders Room

Thursday, June 15
Beginner Puppy 8:00 am The Great Hall
Conformation Judging Follows The Great Hall
Judges’ Education Judge’s Lunch Break Founders Room
Hands On/Follows Judging The Great Hall
SLEM Seminar 6:00 pm Founders Room

Friday, June 16
Balance of Conformation 8:00 am The Great Hall
Cash Bar 6:30 pm Founders Room
Awards Banquet 7:00 pm Founders Room
Live Auction Follows Founders Room

Please Note:
Crating in The Great Hall will be limited to Agility participants on Monday, June 12, and to Obedience and Rally participants on Tuesday, June 13.

Crating for all dogs will be available in Gateway Hall on a first come basis from 2 pm on Sunday, June 11 until the completion of Obedience and Rally in the Great Hall on Tuesday. At that time, crating in The Great Hall will be open to all.

NASDA Judging Limits Reached

April 26, 2023|

NASDA is now completely full with over 400 runs! There has been such incredible interest in this new event that day of entries will no longer be permitted. Judging limits have been reached. The Introductory Clinic remains open ended, so people can still find out what the excitement is all about!

Thanks to all for supporting this first ever NASDA BTCA National Specialty event!

NASDA Announcement

April 18, 2023|

Due to an amazing response, NASDA entries for Trailing & Locating and Urban Locating will be cut off to include only postmarked entries dated Tuesday, April 18, 2023 or earlier. Entries that are postmarked after that date will be added to our waitlist. Lost Item entries will continue to be accepted until the closing date, or until entry limits are met.
– Linda Steinhoff


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