We have been approved for Scentwork. The premium will be available soon.

Event Secretary
Elizabeth Dinkins
4600 Hockaday Place
Columbia, MO 65202-3364
Event Chairperson:
Kathy Echols
9150 S. Rangeline Road
Columbia, MO 65201-8955
Virginia H. Huxley (#93020)
Novice Buried, Novice Exterior, Advanced Buried, Advanced Exterior. Excellent Buried, Excellent Exterior, Master Buried,  Master Exterior
Erin Seely (#102464)
Novice Container, Novice Interior, Advanced Container, Advanced Interior, Excellent Container, Excellent Interior, Master Container, Master Interior,
1st Entry: $25
Additional Entries: $25
Entries Open April 1  (8:00 am)
Entries Close May 25 (8:00 pm)
Entry Limit: 260 runs
Entries accepted on a first come, first served basis.