Sangie Brooks

Sangie Brroks 2024

Sangie started agility in 2008 with her Labrador Retriever learning the basics about agility. A few years later an amazing Border Collie came into her life. As Sangie started competing with Vette, her passion for agility was truly realized. Sangie has competed at AKC Nationals many times and made finals many times. With Vette, she won all four rounds at one AKC Nationals. Vette and Sangie had the honor of representing the USA on two AKC European Open teams, USDAA IFCS, and UKI WAO team. At the 2017 WAO, Vette was a gold medalist winning the 24” Pentathlon event.

After all the amazing friends and experiences agility brought into Sangie’s life, she decided it was time to give back to the agility world by becoming a UKI judge in 2018. Sangie looks at every judging assignment and competition as a learning opportunity for future course design. Sangie aims to design open, fast, motivating courses that she herself wants to run.

Sangie was approved as an AKC judge in 2022. Her AKC assignments to date have taken her to Mississippi, Connecticut, North Carolina, Ohio, California, and Texas.

When not competing or judging UKI or AKC, you will find Sangie at her day job as a Senior Operations Manager for an accounting software company. She currently has four Border Collies, Vette, Creed, Krome, and Dexter.