Border Terrier Club of America 2023 National Specialty



Graham Pickering

Pickering 210h 1

Born and bred in Yorkshire, England, I have been around dogs all my life. I got my first Border Terrier, Spike in 1972 he was joined by Jock a year later. In 1984, I bought a puppy called Reedwater Thistledown, took her to her local show and the rest is history.

In 1993, I bought Heronfield Primrose who became the founding bitch of our current kennel and was mother to Ch Picer Crackerjack, Picer King Vita and Picer Zefa Fino.  CC winning Picer Crackerjill, daughter of Ch Picer Crackerjack had two litters, including 4 Champions; Ch Picer Polyanthus JW, Ch Picer Grace Darling JW, Am Ch Picer Wotta Conundrum and Ch Picer Bright Idea JW, who was top winning Border Terrier in the UK in 2008 and 2009.

I enjoy judging at championship shows in the United Kingdom. When judging, I like to see an honest, unexaggerated Border Terrier in fit, hard condition, that looks like it could do a day’s work given the opportunity. I believe that the phrase ‘head like that of an Otter’ is the unique selling point of the breed and I especially like dogs with what has been described in the UK as a “varminty’ expression. Over the last 5 decades I have had a great deal of fun and excitement working, showing and judging Border Terriers.

I was extremely honoured to have been asked to judge The Border Terrier Club of America Speciality Show in 2021 and was very disappointed not to be be able to fulfil the appointment because of the travel restrictions that were in place at the time. To be asked to judge this show again was wonderful and I am really looking forward to judging the breed in 2023.


Elizabeth Crisp Blake

Blake Sweeps 210

Our family’s first Border entered our lives in 1968, and everything changed. Within two years, through the guidance of invaluable mentors, I became involved with a local all-breed club (stewarding, handling classes), my father and I joined the BTCA, and I learned to hand-strip a terrier coat. I soon was helping handlers as I spent long days at shows, and capped my juniors career by earning a spot in the 1974 Westminster finals. Following college and starting a career, I missed having a Border to live with, and my husband and I brought home our family’s first dog in 1984 from our UK honeymoon.

Over the many years since, I have bred, showed, lived with, and loved many Borders, importing a half dozen dogs from the UK to bring into my breeding program. In addition, I have maintained strong ties to many British kennels, continuing my breed education at the source. While my focus has been on the show ring, I enjoy participating in Earth Dog and Therapy Dog. I am always looking to expand my involvement with the breed and the show world, and am a BTCA-recognized breed mentor, an AKC exhibitors’ mentor, and an AKC Border judge. I have now judged on both US coasts and matches in the UK. While I have not held office in our breed club, I have participated in other ways (committees, stewarding). Finally, I am President and Show Chair of the Sacramento Valley Dog Fanciers Association (CA).

Thank you for the opportunity and the honor to judge the BTCA National Sweepstakes.

4 to 6 Month Puppy

Karen Fitzpatrick

Karen Fitzpatrick 4 6Puppy 410

I’ve acquired my first Border Terrier to hunt in 1996, Barclay, who was an older dog that was used primarily in the Blue Ridge Mountains of VA to hunt various quarry. Shortly thereafter I imported a lovely working line bitch pup from the Westmorelands in England, Ch Rainsbarrow Lapsana (Penny). I loved Barclay’s conformation (minus a few missing teeth from his hunting mishaps), and a friend encouraged me to show him in AKC and that is where it all began. He finished quickly and was such a delight, I was hooked.

Since 1997 Meadowlake has bred 164 Champions to date, and I have no intention of slowing down. Breeding and exhibiting my own is my passion. I’m dedicated to breeding to the Border Terrier breed standard and I judge accordingly. Type being most important to me. I am honored to have been chosen and look forward to judging the 4-6 month pups in 2023! The prospect of discovering a young pup with a brilliant future is simply something to be excited about and I look forward to it!


Caleb Campbell

Caleb Campbell

I have been exhibiting Border Terriers since I was 12-years-old. I was active in 4-H and AKC Junior Showmanship growing up and have remained active in both events in different avenues today. When competing in Junior Showmanship, I earned Best Junior Handler at the BTCA National Specialty several times and was ranked as the top Junior Handler in the Terrier group in 2012 and 2015 along with being ranked number two of all breeds in Junior Showmanship at the end of 2015.

I have learned from countless mentors throughout the breed during my time in Juniors and have continued learning as a breeder under the kennel name of McMullin – a tribute to my first Border Terrier Mullins.  I am a member of the BTCA Juniors Committee and have served as Junior Showmanship Chair at multiple national specialties. I am also a member of Border Terrier Club of Oregon and Tacoma Kennel Club. I remain active in 4-H as a leader and have served as superintendent of dogs at Pierce County Fair in Washington state on multiple occasions.

It is an honor for me to judge Junior Showmanship at the National Specialty for Border Terriers. I encourage attendees to make an effort to watch the Juniors show at the 2023 Specialty and to cheer for each one as they truly are the future of our breed.


Craig Josling

Craig Josling Agility

Craig Josling has been a dog owner his adult life. I have been involved with Keeshond rescue almost 25 years after failing as a foster parent to a very lovable Keeshond. We adopted Cody and began the rescue career. Cody attempted agility and took to training very quickly, although trained his interest was people and couldn’t pass up the lap of the ring crew anytime the course brought him within reach.

I discovered agility by accident when we were out on a Sunday driving and found signs leading to an agility trial. Watching a few dogs run the agility course, I felt that this type of organized activity would allow the rescue dogs to receive praise and build their confidence. I began my agility career thinking I would just take a rescue dog to some of the beginning classes to better prepare the dog to go to their furever home. We had other rescues from the group that continued with agility after being adopted with their new families.

I failed again with another rescue (Ben), he came into rescue as a 8 month old terrified of his own shadow. He took to agility and bonded with me to enjoy agility for over 8 years before passing away. Ben achieved 5 Master Agility Championships and attended the AKC nationals. I adopted another dog (Tori) from another rescue organization on the east coast, we put together a transport over 3 days coming from Rhode Island to St. Louis where I met the transporter to pickup Tori. We did agility for a number of years until she retired from the sport. Kato came along during this period and began traveling, training, and began his agility career. He achieved 2 Master Agility Championships and continues to travel with me when I judge local trials.

I began an Agility Judge career in 2008 as a way to give back to the sport of agility. I believe this sport has elevated the lives of rescue dogs and provided an avenue for the dogs to better bond with their humans. I have judged agility trials in 40 states over the years and continue to learn from watching the dogs and handlers as they navigate the courses in agility.

Barnhunt – Senior, Master and Crazy 8s

Jennifer Riess (BHAJ-001A)

Jenn and Bonnie Riess

Jennifer Riess will be judging Barn Hunt, Senior, Master and Crazy 8s at the Border Terrier National Specialty. She has been involved with dog training since 1987 and acquired her first Border Terrier in 2002. She has trained and competed with her German Shepherd Dogs and Border Terriers in many sports, including Obedience, Agility, Weight Pull, Tracking, Earth Dog, Herding, Dock Diving, Scent Work, Barn Hunt and more.

She has been involved with Barn Hunt through its development as a sport and became a Barn Hunt Judge in 2014. Having kept rats for many years for Earth Dog, she now breeds rats to supply the needs of local clubs and individuals for BH and ED.

She currently teaches Barn Hunt classes at Columbia Canine Sports Center in Columbia, MO as well as offering Barn Hunt Clinics and judging BH trials.

Barnhunt – Instinct, Novice, Open

Lynsey Fuegner (BHAJ-253A)


Since 2003 Lynsey has been working with and competing with dogs in various dog sports since 2003. She owns and manages her own boarding/daycare/training facility in southern IL. ​She has experience with a wide variety of breeds and mixes of all ages, sizes and types. She regularly fosters and rehabs dogs for placement into permanent pet and working homes. With her current dogs, which include Malinois, Border Collies, Dutch Shepherds, a German Shepherd, an Australian Shepherd and a Jack Russel Terrier, she trains and competes in various dog sports (including Agility, AKC Obedience, Rally Obedience, Iron Dog Events, Dock Diving, Barn Hunt, and Schutzhund/IPO/IGP).

​Lynsey holds certification as a Professional Dog Trainer through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers. She is an evaluator for the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen, Tricks, Farm Dog, and Temperament Test program; an AKC FITDog Instructor; an evaluator for the United Kennel Club SPOT Program; and a Do More With Your Dog Trick Trainer, Canine Coach, and Stunt Dog Evaluator. She is involved in various dog sports and is a Judge for Barn Hunt, NASDA, RodeoDog, and CWAGS Rally and Obedience.

Earthdog – Intro to Quarry & Novice

Philipa Sahiner

Sahiner 210

As a child, growing up in the North of England, I always wanted, but was never allowed to have, a dog. Spending much of my time with horses, Fox Hunting, and in the Dales; I was especially drawn to Border Terriers.

When we moved from Turkey to the US, and my two boys were old enough, we got a Doberman, a breed I kept, and trained, for the next twenty years.

Following the death of my husband and my last Doberman, I was able to adopt a rescue Border Terrier, Django. I enjoyed his company, tremendously; putting several titles on him. When he eventually had to go, at age 16, I was fortunate enough to have a Jansim puppy, Mr.Tumnus, who is now 15 and has titles in many disciplines, including a UD.

I never, really, got into Earthdog, until I got my next puppy, Rupert, who turned out to be an Earthdog “daemon”. (we are working on EE 4). At this time, I became interested in Judging. I took the AKC course, and apprenticed in Intro, Novice, and Senior. (I just have to finish Master). I am delighted to be judging Intro, and Novice at the specialty as I am very interested in getting young dogs to be enthusiastic, about the sport. I look forward to seeing all of you in 2023.

Earthdog – Junior

Cyndi Olson

Cyndi and Hazel 210

Cyndi Olson has been a life long dog owner, starting with Standard Poodles as a child, and moving to Giant Schnauzers and Wirehaired German Pointers as a young adult.  Getting her first Border Terrier in 1995, Cyndi has not looked back. Cyndi started attending Earthdog tests in 2009. She has completed ED titles on 5 of her BT’s, with 3 achieving their Master titles.  She has been breeding BT’s since 2012.  She has bred 10 BTs with Earthdog titles, with 4 accomplishing Master level.  Her interest and success in the sport led her to being certified as a judge.

Cyndi also enjoys dog shows, agility and tracking when she has time.   She is an active member of the Greater Twin Cities Earthdog Club, serving on many tests in the role of chair, or secretary and helping at monthly practices.  She is also an active member of Minneapolis Kennel Club and president of the Border Terrier Club of America.

Cyndi wishes to thank the BTCA for the honor of judging Junior Earthdog, during our specialty. Always remembering they are essentially a working terrier.

Earthdog – Senior

Duane Pulford

Pulford Senior ED 210

I fell in love with Earthdog at the first Gardner MA specialty when my first two Border Terriers, Timon and Reilly, worked the quarry in the Intro class with Carol Mock as the judge. It was wonderful to see my Borders do what they were bred to do. As my Borders progressing in Earthdog I decided I could judge this sport. I started to judge Earthdog in 2000 and have judge across the country, in Hawaii, and several times in Canada. I have also had the honor to judge Earthdog at Border Terrier National Specialties, judging all the levels.

Over the years I have hunted with my Borders and Mini Dachshund, hunting woodchucks and rats.  Hunting has influenced my judging of Earthdog in knowing what to expect in a working terrier and apply that to Earthdog. Over the years I have had many wonderful discussions talking about Earthdog and hunting with follow judges and exhibitors.

It is always an honor to judge Earthdog and especially at the National Specialty. I want to thank the Specialty Committee for inviting me to judge at this year’s specialty.

Earthdog – Master

Russ Wischover

Russ Wischover

I got my first Border, a seven week female in 1986. She went to ground for the first time at six months of age, and I worked several BTs over the next 25 years. In east central IL there is a healthy population of woodchucks, along with lots of ‘coon, ‘possum and skunks that use the ‘chuck holes because there are no trees to speak of. I did most of my hunting from late fall to early spring, so we took a lot more coon, possum, and skunks than we did chucks over the years. I did get out to Joann Murza’s a couple of years and had some fantastic hunts there.

In 2011 I moved to south west IA where there are few woodchucks, hence few holes. We have innumerable coon, possum, and skunk, but they den in trees or huge bulldozed piles of trees that are impossible to dig. Though it was a difficult decision, after several frustrating nights trying to get dogs out of those dozer piles, I decided not to get any more young terriers. My last Border died at age 14 in 2020. In addition to BTs I also ran a small pack of Beagles for about 25 years and still have a lurcher, after breeding my first one in 2011.

I started judging Den Trials for the AWTA around 1988 and was grandfathered in as an AKC Earthdog judge when they were first started up. I am looking forward to judging at the BTCA National Specialty in 2023, I always consider it a compliment to be asked. I also hope and expect to see a lot of people that I haven’t seen in several years.


Ann Wendland (J00025)


James Comunale

Comunale 210h 1

I am happy and honored to judge the Border Terrier National Specialty! I wish everyone participating or watching to have a great experience and hopefully great results for those who are participating.

I have been involved in the sport of obedience for over 35 years. During that time I have been involved as a club member, worker, training director, officer, trial chairman and secretary (as well as a participant) with several clubs. For many years I competed heavily in the sport of obedience, sometimes showing over 40 weekends a year, usually with two dogs in both Open and Utility. Through the years I have put the OTCH title on a number of dogs, including six Golden Retrievers and one Sheltie. I have recently added a Border Collie who has taught me to be very humble! I have also competed in the NOC / Invitational tournament many times (and judged it this year) sometimes with great results, sometimes not! Just participating in such events is always a great thrill and a lot of fun.
In more recent years I have shown less, trained a bit less, and have been judging quite a lot, which I thoroughly enjoy. No matter how much one judges there is always something every weekend to enjoy, be surprised by and sometimes even amazed by! No two shows are ever exactly alike. Hopefully all of you here will have some good combination of enjoyment, surprise and amazement!

There is room in our sport for every level of achievement and every type of goal. Hopefully you’ll achieve your goals during your National.


Jamie Jo Sieveking

Sieveking 210h 1

Jamie began with her first Weimaraner in 1989 as a pet, and soon more came into her life. The journey to dog training began when her first male was out of control and went through a back door window, nearly severing his leg. After convalescing she found a training program and he became her first working dog. She began competition obedience with him in 1995, and found her new passion. She has since titled many of her dogs in Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Tracking, Hunting, Scent Work, CGC, CGCA, and Tricks. She is currently active in the Weimaraner Club of America, Weimaraner Club of Greater St. Louis, and Columbia Missouri Kennel Club. She has served these clubs as a board member, show secretary, and show chairman. For the last 15-years she has been active as a project leader, trainer, and judge in numerous 4H Dog Programs.

Having been a competitor in Free Style Obedience exhibitions and Rally Obedience completions in other venues, the path was laid for her to continue to build on her skills as AKC Rally Obedience was forming into a sport. Since 2005 when Rally Obedience became a titling event she has been dedicated to the sport as one of the first Rally Obedience Judges. She has continued to title all her dogs in Rally Obedience over the last 20-years. Also, she is a sought after as a local judge, and has judged many national specialty shows, as well as regional specialty shows.

She has continued to hone her skills as an instructor at the Columbia Canine Sports Center in Columbia MO for the last two decades, teaching Rally Obedience, Star Puppy classes, and Scent Work classes. Also, continues to write and present seminars on AKC Rally Obedience throughout the Midwest. These seminars are keeping competitors abreast of the current AKC Rally Obedience rules, as well as techniques to be successful in the sport.

Having been selected and invited to the BTCA 2023 National Specialty, she is honored to judge her assigned classes, and hopes that the courses she has prepared will be challenging and enjoyable to run.

Scent Work

Erin Seely – Interior & Container


I have been involved in dog sports most of my life, growing up in a dog show family. I have been involved in many dog sports over the years including Conformation, IGP, Obedience, Rally, Tracking, Earthdog, K9 Nose Work, Barn Hunt, Fast CAT, Dock Diving and Scent Work. One of my proudest moments is with Gabby my Border Terrier, who is the first Border Terrier in the history of the breed to become an NACSW Elite Champion in K9 Nose Work, who now spends her time competing in Scent Work at the Detective level having completed her SWM. Right behind her is Joker, who is the second Border Terrier to earn the NACSW Elite Champion title and is currently working on his UD and Scent Work titles. I am an AKC Scent Work judge, NACSW Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) and NACSW Certifying Official and Judge for trials and ORTs.

Thank you for the opportunity to judge Scent Work at Border Terrier Club of America 2023 National Specialty. I am looking forward to judging all the Border Terrier teams!

Virginia H Huxley – Exterior & Buried (AKC 93020)

Dogs, thankfully have always been a part of my life with a few notable, stressful intervals (like moving to New York City and having to leave the family dogs in the country). Serious training and participation in performance sports now spans almost 5 decades. English Springer Spaniels are my chosen breed: US, UK, and European lines.
My younger sister introduced me to Border Terriers around 2000.  In addition to conformation, obedience, rally, agility, and free style, I became addicted to the sports/work of springers catering to their strengths: Field, tracking, dock diving, Fast Cat and Scent work of many flavors. Barn Hunt has posed a bit more of a challenge with various of my dogs showing disinterest, disdain, or huge enthusiasm for the endeavor.
I have instructed and titled in all the fields in which I perform/compete; currently my canine instruction focuses primarily on Puppy Training and all levels Nosework/Scentwork. I am currently retired from teaching (torturing) Medical and graduate students and conducting research as a Professor of Medical Pharmacology & Physiology at the University of Missouri. In my ‘free time’ I became a certified Nosework instructor (CNWI) in 2011, a Barn Hunt judge in 2014, and an AKC Scentwork Judge in 2017.

Total Dog

Libby Tanton-Joy

Libby Tanton Joy
I have been around dogs for the majority of my life, having them as family pets when younger. I fell into the dog show world with the help of the Orangebox kennel at the age of 10. Fifteen years later my passion and love for the Border Terrier and the dog show world has only grown. Over the years I have attended ring craft and obedience training classes whilst traveling all over England competing at Championship and Open shows. I was also a member of the Young Kennel Club and Junior Handling Association competing in handling classes.

I was fortunate to take on my own kennel affix Itsaso, which I welcomed Lunar (Orangebox A New Hope at Itsaso) to in December 2019. Although having a delayed start to showing due to the pandemic she has achieved a RCC and therefore her Stud Book Number.

My interests lie not only within the showing world but also in agility and trick training having undertaken both with my own dog. The pandemic opened up plenty of time for myself to work with Lunar to gain her Expert Trick Dog Title.

When judging I like to see an unexaggerated Border Terrier in fit condition, moving effortlessly and in a correct harsh double jacket with thick pelt.

I was fortunate to attend the BTCA Specialty in both 2016 and 2017 and had the opportunity to show some lovely dogs for friends. To be invited to judge the Total Dog competition this year is an honor. I look forward to being in Missouri in June.