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The Border Terrier Club of America offers a Judges’ Education Seminar on our breed every year in conjunction with its annual National Specialty. This year’s seminar and hands-on workshop will be presented by Debra Janes Blake and will take place on Wednesday, March 20, 2024, at the Hill Country Youth Event Center, Kerrville, TX.

We promise that this experience will send you home with a thorough understanding of the Border Terrier, its roots, its standard, and how and why it is bred to be an excellent Earth Dog which can also follow a horse all day. To create the best experience for you as a participant, please let me know if you have any specific questions about the breed and judging our breed so that we can make certain to include that in our discussion.

Please send your information (see below) back to me at ranthornbts1970@gmail.com. Feel free to contact me either via email, or text or call me at 530 400 9322 (PST, so not too early). Elizabeth Crisp Blake

Please let me know the following, and I look forward to meeting you in Texas!

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The seminar begins with a 90-minute classroom discussion of the Border Terrier presented by experienced and approved club members. The session will include a power point presentation, discussion of the breed standard, and an opportunity for a hands-on demonstration with two Borders; there will also be a question and answer period.

The seminar begins on Wednesday when the judge takes her lunch break. In both the morning and afternoon, judges and participants are invited to sit ringside with breed-approved mentors who will be available to answer questions and discuss the breed. At the conclusion of the judging, there will be a Judges’ Education Workshop where all will have the opportunity to evaluate 5 or 6 Borders shown by BTCA club members. Discussion and hands-on of these dogs is also a 90-minute session per AKC guidelines. This second portion is for the judges’ education only and any discussion is to be kept confidential, even with the exhibitors.


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