Special Event Agility Veteran Glory Run

Contact: Louise Traska, 61 Westview Dr. East Hartford, CT 06118-1354, 860-568-2982 kltraska@comcast.net

Closing Date: May 1, 2021

Celebrate your agility veteran with an exhibition run over a course primarily of jumps and tunnels. Will be run on either jumpers with weaves or time 2 beat course, or feel free to make up your own course. Run your dog over whatever obstacles you are comfortable with and at whatever jump height, even if the bars are on the ground. This is not a timed event and there are no placements. This event will be run midday.

To be eligible for this event a Border Terrier must be 7 years of age or older, must have earned an agility title other than ACT1 or ACT2, and must not be entered in the agility trial at the specialty.

Each entry will receive a special commemorative rosette imprinted with the terrier’s name and AKC title prefixes/suffixes.

You may submit a one-minute, maximum, blurb about your Border terrier to be read during your Glory Run to kltraska@comcast.net.