2024 National Specialty Special Events

An exciting new $500.00 scholarship will be awarded to the student who is judged Best Junior Handler at the 2024 BTCA National Specialty in March 2024.

The Junior Handler or his/her family must be a member in good standing of the BTCA or an affiliate/ regional club at the time of the National Specialty. The BTCA Health and Scholarship Foundation will reserve the funds until the student is accepted at an accredited junior, community, or 4 year college. The Scholarship must be used within 2 years from the date of his or her secondary school graduation.



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Junior Handlers Party/Seminar TBD We’ll be celebrating our Junior Handlers. All junior exhibitors are encouraged to attend and bring their dogs for the workshop.
Agility March 16, 2024
CGC, Therapy Dog, Trick Dog March 16, 2024
Scentwork March 16, 2024
Earthdog Seminar March 16, 2024 Will be held from 9 am to 4 pm in the Kerrville Youth Event Center
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Earthdog March 17, 2024
Welcome Party March 17, 2024
Parade of Honor March 17, 2024 Showcase your Border Terrier by entering the Parade of Honor and have your dog’s photograph and bio on display throughout the entire National Specialty!

Step 1 – Complete the Parade of Honor Application
Step 2 – Submit your payment and upload your dog’s photo.

Obedience/Rally Run-Thrus March 17, 2024
Fast CAT March 17 & 18, 2024 FAST CAT will have AM and PM sessions available on Sunday and Monday
Health Clinics March 18, 2024 The Health Clinic will offer Patella, SLEM, and blood draw services. The Committee is making final arrangements for a Cardiologist and Ophthalmologist. More Info…


Obedience/Rally March 18, 2024
NASDA March 18, 2024
Total Dog Challenge Conformation & Awards March 19, 2024 The Total Dog Challenge celebrates the versatility of our breed. Dogs must be entered in a minimum of three performance events as well as the culminating Total Dog conformation evaluation on March 19th. The Border Terrier with the most accrued points at the 2024 BTCA National Specialty week will be awarded top honors. There is no additional charge for entering the Total Dog Challenge.
Conformation Sweepstakes March 19, 2024
Junior Showmanship TBD Each Junior will do a presentation of their dog and receive a certificate to commemorate showing at the National Specialty.
All Junior exhibitors should submit a photo of themselves and their dog along with a brief bio – 150 words or less
Breed Seminar March 19, 2024
4-6 Month Puppies
Regular Classes
March 20, 2024
Judges Education Hands On March 20, 2024
AGM Dinner & Silent Auction March 20, 2024
Conclusion of Regular Classes
Best of Breed
Best Otter Head
March 21, 2024
Awards Banquet & Live Auction March 21, 2024